Businesses thrive when they offer smooth, responsive, and personalized service. With RingCentral’s complete cloud communications system, you get the power and flexibility of cutting-edge communications technology that’s easy to use, requires no complicated hardware, and empowers you to deliver superior service to your customers.

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RingCentral‘s complete cloud communications system is a modern package that helps eliminate missed calls, improves communication, and has more capabilities than traditional systems at a fraction of the cost.

In this informative webinar with Premier Technology Group, you’ll hear one of our experts discuss how your RingCentral phone number sets the tone for success:

RingCentral provides the following:

  • Auto-Receptionist: Using extensions, departments, business hours, routing, and other criteria you control. The Auto-Receptionist seamlessly connects your customers with you and your team on desk phones, soft phone, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Greetings: Ensure callers are well received with a standard, custom, or professional sophistication of your system menus, employee voicemail greetings, and directories. Keep callers engaged by answering FAQs with a recorded greeting or with on-hold music and menu options. RingCentral has a partnership with Snap Recordings, providers of professional greetings, As a RingCentral customer you can save 30% on recordings for your business with Snap Recordings preferred RingCentral pricing.
  • Departments: Creating departments gives your business a professional structure. Calls to a department will be held until a pre-designated list of agents can be reached. You can easily change and customize rules for specific callers, times, dates, and employee schedules. Call queues make it easy for you to set priorities and tailor the in-queue experience for callers, including maximum hold time.
  • Toll-free, local & vanity numbers: Toll-free numbers are a great way to make your business appear as a larger corporation. Get local numbers in multiple area codes, establish yourself in communities, and be found easily in searches.

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