We are living in an age of unprecedented connectivity, and it’s easy at times to forget the threats putting your valuable and confidential information at risk. It’s critical to secure your network and control the traffic that’s allowed to enter or exit points on your system while still being able to focus on connectivity inside and outside the traditional firewall.

Managing the security for your organization is a 7x24x365 requirement.   At PTG, we recognize the importance of keeping your network safe, and we will work with your organization as well as the market’s leading network security providers to find the best security solutions customized for you.

We proudly serve our customers’ digital connectivity concerns by bringing services from market-leading providers including: 

> Mobile Device Management

> Network and Cloud-Based Security

> Network Assessments

> Penetration Testing

> Incident Response and Recovery

> Identity and Access Management

Outsourcing your network security needs not only gives you peace of mind, but it allows you to focus on your core business while reducing operational costs. With a lack of qualified security professionals and overwhelmed IT staff it can be difficult to manage security while making sure you’re compliant with updated regulations. Outsourcing security management to market-leading organizations with the most skilled security professionals allows your IT team to focus on the day to day aspects of running the business.

Allow our team of experts to assist in paving a path for your business’s future and success. Contact us today.

With over 60 provides in our network, below are just a handful we use for our client’s security needs. Contact us for a full list. 

If we can’t provide alternatives to your current services that will save money and deliver better business outcomes, we will pay you $200.

Contact us now to find out more and receive a no cost industry benchmark of your current services.

Must bill over $2,000 per month in Connectivity, Cloud and Collaboration services to qualify.

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