Patrick Leaman
Senior Account Manager


For nearly 25 years, Patrick has been an important member of the PTG community.  Having served in sales and sales leadership roles, Patrick is passionate about cultivating customer relationships based on integrity, honesty, excellence, and transparency.  Integrity is also one of the things Patrick values most highly among his colleagues at PTG, and our community is better because of his involvement.

In his private life, Patrick models other characteristics that also make him a valuable member of our sales team.  An avid cyclist, Patrick loves to race mountain and road bikes, which demonstrates the grit, drive, determination, and discipline that he brings to every dimension of his life.  Patrick is also a family man, deeply dedicated to his wife and three children, and he is an active member of his community, serving as a board member for Voices of Hope, which brings world-renowned opera singers to an annual Christmas concert that raises money for childhood education.  

As is the case across our exceptional sales team, the alignment of personal and professional values that Patrick embodies for our company, our partners, our customers, and our community is inspiring, instructive, and invaluable.  Patrick is proud to have been able to offer our customers viable, important, forward-thinking products to our customers for the past quarter-century, and he looks forward to offering the same exceptional value for years to come.