Jason Pennell
Solutions Architect

With nearly 20 years of experience in our industry – almost 18 of which within the Premier family – Jason, who is often referred to as “Jay” by his family, friends, and colleagues, is a true expert with a perfect title to capture the value he brings to his work: Solutions Architect.  In that capacity, Jay brings the entirety of his professional experience to bear every day, working with Key Account Managers in the field to determine the very best and broadest technology solutions to help our thriving client base pursue their own success, while still helping to develop company-wide key objectives and strategy.

To Jay, teamwork and excellence are indispensable in work and in his personal life.  As a man who gives his best in everything he does and who is always looking for opportunities to improve, Jay is at once humble and exemplary.  With his family as his top priority, Jay strives to be present in the moments they share, which is not always easy in this day and age. As a loving husband and a father to two sons, Jay commits to living by the Golden Rule, and he strives for continuous improvement by way of what he calls “grit and gratitude.”  Between serving as an assistant coach on his sons’ lacrosse teams and cheering them on from the sidelines of football, spending time with his family is Jay’s favorite pastime, though he somehow finds time to train for and compete in half-marathons and obstacle course races, to play his drums, and to attend concerts of his favorite rock bands.  

Clearly, Jay’s desire to maximize is a driving force in his life, and it is a wonderful example to the teams and individuals who work with him.  He is a vital member of our community and his passion for technology, in general, and for the potential of our company, in particular, is infectious.  With his orientation toward learning, growth, development, service, and success for all, it is easy to see how PTG, our colleagues, customers, and partners are all lucky to Jay on our team.