Jason Cadwalader
Chief Development Officer


With over 20 years of experience, Jason brings vast knowledge and experience to his role at the intersection of PTG’s growth and strategy.  As our company’s Chief Development Officer, Jason uses customer-centricity in his thinking, planning, and leadership to ensure that PTG’s brand identity, sales and marketing efforts, operational efficiency, and customer service align with the ultimate goal of our company: to facilitate business success and prosperity for our customers.  

Service, in every sense, is important to Jason, and it permeates both his professional and personal lives.  With family as his ultimate priority, Jason personally strives to provide an environment that enables wife and three children to flourish and become exceptional individuals.  He enjoys golfing, cycling, and deeply investing in his children’s many activities. As is the case among the members of our leadership team, Jason models balance, zeal, integrity, and humanity to those around him.

Sharing the same dedication to integrity, service, and continuous improvement with the rest of our leadership team, Jason is an invaluable member of our community and serves as an example to the people around him.  Jason is passionate about the prime opportunity for PTG to harness the rapidly evolving landscape of Information Technology, and he is intent on fulfilling PTG’s commitment to delivering world-class value, quality, and experience to our customers.