Dan Horst
Senior Account Manager


Dan Horst is a man of action and commitment, through and through.  For the past four years, Dan has focused his drive and attention on growing revenue for PTG in his role with Sales and Account Management, where his solution-oriented nature and collaborative energy shine.  Dan’s motivation, focus, and dedication to our organization are evident also when he states openly that he intends to beat his current record of serving for 17 years with his last company. Our stakeholders, customers, providers, and community can rest assured that Dan will be working for them and with them for years to come.

When he’s not nurturing customer relationships and striving to grow PTG, Dan loves spending valuable time with his family, especially his two wonderful sons who are heavily involved in sports.  Married to his high school sweetheart for nearly 20 years, Dan remains intent on modeling honesty and integrity every day, personally and professionally. It’s who he is, and it aligns perfectly with the core values at PTG.  

For these reasons, as with the rest of the sales team, it is easy to see why Dan is a valuable member of our PTG Community.  We can all count on the fact that Dan will remain adamant about doing his part to expand PTG’s reputation for stellar customer advocacy, and we are all fortunate to benefit from his passion to help our company gain recognition as one of the best places to work in Pennsylvania.