Bob Maras
Director of Sales

After 13 years of building a successful career in our industry, Bob brings his passion for relationship-building and customer service to our company as Director of Sales.  He emphasizes integrity as the foundation of everything he does, and he invests that authenticity in his role to direct and support our sales team’s continuous pursuit of growth, customer satisfaction, and deep loyalty across PTG’s expanding footprint.  In his words, “If you put the customer first and focus on solving their problems, that’s when good things happen.”  It’s the fundamental belief that underscores PTG’s brand promise and ensures value for our customers in this highly-competitive industry.


A man of dedication and character at work and at home, Bob leads a full and busy life focused around his family and his faith.   He is a proud husband and a father of four wonderful children, and when he’s not hiking, building forts, or hosting weekly bonfires for his family and friends, Bob also leads the large group Sunday school for young children at his church and he is in pursuit of his master’s degree in theology.  Add to that his passion for Penn State football and the occasional hunting trip, and it is clear that Bob serves as an example of commitment, service, work ethic, and true, mindful engagement in life.


Bob’s deeply-held personal values harmonize with PTG’s core principles and our shared commitment to honesty and trustworthiness in all we do.  Because of this perfect alignment, it is easy to see how his infectious energy, exemplary character, and inspiring work ethic are valuable and worthy additions to our thriving company.  With Bob’s leadership of PTG’s customer-centric sales efforts, we know that everyone in our system – from our colleagues, to our customers, our clients, our partners, and beyond – will benefit from his influence.